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Figher J


J (제이) (KO)
(ジェイ) (JP)






November 22nd


188 cm



Blood Type



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Voice Actors

Kim Hwan Jin (김환진)
Tomokazu Sugita (杉田 智和)

Take it easy, children. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

J is one of the playable characters in Closers Online - Dimension Conflict. He is of the Fighter Class.


The Black Lambs only accept minors, but J is an exception. He was sent by UNION to support the other members, and little is known of him but the fact that he was a CLOSER who fought in the Dimensional War.

His real name and age remains as a mystery, though it is clear from the songs and the celebrities that he likes that he's at-least in his thirties.

J's job is to take part in the fighting with the other members, and , in the event that something goes wrong, to take the lead and make sure that they all make it back home alive. He suffers from a number of conditions believed to be lingering injuries from the war, and he's a lot more frail than he looks.

J is often seen taking vitamins and pills of uncertain identity, and he often complains about sore shoulders and coldness in his hands. The other Black Lambs are dying to know his real name and age, but no matter how hard they try, no one has been able to get that prized information.

His special features contain neurotic gastritis, stress related migraines, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, acrophobia, and other chronic illnesses.



Rank 1

Skill Image Skill Name Skill Description
Skill1 Forced Cancel Use this skill to forcefully cancel actions mid-way, dealing small AoE damage to nearby foes.
Use this skill while being attacked to instantly knockdown.
Skill2 Emergency Escape Quickly move backwards.
If you time the skill properly, you will be invisible for a few seconds.
Otherwise, you will receive reduced damage from any attacks that may hit you.
J1-1 Anion Punch Giving a straight punch with high speed dash.
If you clear to do, they'll come up itself.
J1-2 Loess Grapping Grap the enemy on your front. You may additional hit by using this skill 3 times If you clear to do.
J1-3 Omega-3 Rush Hit enemies like crazy with queer screaming. you may more hit by tapping quickly.
J1-4 Germanium Power By drinking strange beverage, infuse life into J's exhausted body.
With healing health point several times, diminish HP uses when you dealing skills.
J1-5 Finishing Move: Morning Gymnastics for Health When skill enchanted, enemies are pulled through J.
After that, he makes stiff them by powerful stumping, beating like crazy to lose their mind, and giving damage around him also using shockwave chanted by hitting with condensed dimensional power.
Skill3 Awaken Psychic Power Awakening

Rank 2

Skill Image Skill Name Skill Description
J2-1 Jade Magnetic ?
J2-2 Calcium Charging ?
J2-3 Magnesium Strike ?
J2-4 Finishing Move: Heyday Revisitation Ultimate:?


Skill Image Skill Name Skill Description
PassSkill1 Normal ATK Training Increase damage dealt with basic combos.
PassSkill2 Physical ATK Training Increases Physical attack.
PassSkill3 Magical ATK Training Increases Magical attack.
PassSkill4 Physical Crit Rate Increases Physical Critical Damage.
PassSkill5 Magical Crit Rate Increases Magical Critical Damage.
PassSkill6 Max HP Increase Increases max HP.

Fighter Gameplay

Fighter - CLOSERS Online

Fighter - CLOSERS Online


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