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Seulbi Lee (이슬비) (KO)
Mikoto Amamiya (ミコト アマミヤ) (JP)
Sylvi Lee (EN)






July 26th


154 cm



Blood Type



Black Lambs

Voice Actresses

Woojeongsin (우정신)
Aoi Yūki (悠木 碧)

Let's get started. Leave no one standing.

Seulbi Lee is one of the playable characters in Closers Online - Dimension Conflict. She is of the Caster Class.


Orphaned during the Dimensional War, Seulbi grew up in an organization administered by UNION. She was selected for the Black Lambs after participating in a youth training program for CLOSERS run by the same organization. 

Her potential strength may not be quite as high as the other members, but through backbreaking effort and practice she has learned to wield her power quite skillfully. In fact, in this regard, she is rated at least two levels higher than her peers. 

It was that assessment that earned her the spot of the leader of the Black Lambs. She is a bit of a perfectionist, though, and this often puts her in conflict with Seha.


Seulbi wears the Black Lamb jacket, which is zipped up almost all the way, revealing the white shirt beneath and the yellow bow tied around her neck. The insignia of the Black Lambs is on her left sleeve. Around the jacket's collar, she has a white fur lining. She wears a white skirt; and Seulbi originally wore black boots in her art, but this was changed to white knee socks with black dress shoes.


Rank 1: Trainee

Skill Image Skill Name Skill Description
Skill1 Forced Cancel Use this skill to forcefully cancel actions mid-way, dealing small AoE damage to nearby foes.
Use this skill while being attacked to instantly knockdown.
Skill2 Emergency Escape Quickly move in the direction you choose. If a direction isn't chosen, you will automatically move backwards.
If you time the skill properly, you will be invisible for a few seconds.
Otherwise, you will receive reduced damage from any attacks that may hit you.
Seulbi1-1 Edge of Discipline  ?
Seulbi1-2 Flame Storm  ?
Seulbi1-3 Charged Cluster  ?
Seulbi1-4 Reversion  ?
Seulbi1-5 Finishing Move: Bus Bombing Ultimate: ?
Skill3 Awaken Psychic Power Awakening

Rank 2: Intern

Skill Image Skill Name Skill Description
Seulbi2-1 Gravitational Field ?
Seulbi2-2 Psychokinetic Space ?
Seulbi2-3 Electronic Storm ?
Seulbi2-4 Finishing Move: Rail Cannon Ultimate:?


Skill Image Skill Name Skill Description
PassSkill1 Normal ATK Training Increase damage dealt with basic combos.
PassSkill2 Physical ATK Training Increases Physical attack.
PassSkill3 Magical ATK Training Increases Magical attack.
PassSkill4 Physical Crit Rate Increases Physical Critical Damage.
PassSkill5 Magical Crit Rate Increases Magical Critical Damage.
PassSkill6 Max HP Increase Increases max HP.

Special Mechanic

Seulbi has a special mechanic exclusive to her. When Seulbi attacks a foe with basic combos, she will acquire a telekinetic object that will float behind her called a 'bit'.
By using certain skills or the ZZZ[Z] combo, Seulbi's bits will home into the foe, dealing damage while lifting the foe up in the air. Her defense also increase when she has active objects.

By using her Reversion skill, Seulbi can combine bits to create an even stronger bit.

Caster Gameplay

Caster - CLOSERS Online

Caster - CLOSERS Online

CLOSERS - CasterClass Gameplay


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